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December 21sth, 2020

A recap of my 2020 kayak fishing season, my first outing was withScott Murphy, after that was Parker Baker, Casey William and Eron Doods on White Lake were Parker Baker was surprised whit a birthday gift his first kayak a Jackson Cuda HD, later on fishing for Lakers whit the lunatic Peter Gignac, sorry Peter lol. During the tournament season I prefish a lot with Casey William and Eron Dodds and fish tournament whit them. I also started to use baits from Venom Lures and in early fall I became a part of their pro staff team. I also had a chance to fish whit 2 special friends Jay Brown and Andrew Cohen on some backwood lakes, I did some pre fishing with Adam Fraser Pross, Roberto Briones, and Eron Dodds. I caught my pb catfish (29.25″), saw my first kayak and its still in use it was nice seeing it again many good memories whit it, but the best part of my season was all the laughs and chirping between Eron, Casey, Jay and Andrew, and all the kayak fishing people I met this season. May 2021 be has good if not better cheers all

December 15th, 2020

Heres another story

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